Modern Fascism


Brand CPH

This book clearly defines fascism as a complex core of ideas that

exalts the nation-state or race

disregards the individual and the individual's rights

employs thought control and strict regimentation

disregards moral objectivity.

Dr. Veith shows how fascism is shaping society, unwittingly as well as knowingly. He carefully clarifies fascism's relation to other ideas that also mold our thinking. Most important, he skillfully and convincingly combines historical narrative, cultural criticism, and theological analysis, offering guidance and hope for those jostled and shaken by ideological crosscurrents.

The author also exposes the fallacy in the criticism that belief in theological dogma inhibits an open-ended search for knowledge and truth. He convincingly demonstrates that Christian theology provides a useful framework for acquiring and for integrating knowledge and doesn't stifle the pursuit of truth. Dr. Veith exposes, explains, and counsels without dogmatically prescribing responses.

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